NSW Pool Safety Registration, Inspection & Compliance Services


Our Services

Comprehensive Pool Safety Inspection

APCS Services conducts thorough pool safety inspections to ensure compliance with NSW regulations. This service includes a detailed assessment of the pool area and any necessary recommendations for bringing it up to standard.

Certification Services

APCS Services provides certification services for both selling and leasing properties with a swimming pool or spa. This includes issuing Compliance Certificates or Non-Compliance Certificates as required by the NSW regulations.

Pre-Sale Compliance

For individuals looking to sell their property with a pool or spa, APCS Services offers assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates and documentation to include in the sales contract. This ensures a smooth and legally compliant sales process.

Property Owner Education

APCS Services offers educational resources and guidance to property owners, helping them understand their responsibilities regarding pool safety compliance. This includes information on the new NSW regulations and how they apply to different scenarios.

Real Estate Agent Support

APCS Services provides support to real estate agents and strata agents who represent properties with pools or spas. They assist in facilitating compliance, ensuring that all necessary certificates are obtained and provided to tenants or buyers.

Emergency Compliance

In cases where a property’s pool or spa does not meet compliance standards, APCS Services can recommend contractors for emergency rectification services. This may involve arranging for necessary repairs or modifications to bring the pool up to standard in a timely manner.

Our Mission

Our services collectively aim to help property owners, real estate agents, and landlords navigate the new NSW regulations, ensuring that swimming pools and spas meet safety compliance standards before they are sold or leased. APCS Services emphasises the importance of obtaining the required certificates and documentation to facilitate legal transactions and maintain safety standards.

Important Information

Important Information

Are You a Real Estate Agent or Strata Agent?

We specialise in helping agents with clients who own properties with pools or spas in NSW. We understand the unique needs of the real estate industry in compliance matters.

Ensure Compliance for a Smooth Transaction

For properties with pools or spas, compliance is key. Our services guarantee prompt, effective, fair, and accurate adherence to mandated regulations.

Important Information for Sellers and Landlords

Ensure your tenancy agreements or sales contracts include a valid pool compliance certificate. Failure to provide certificates may affect the legality of the transaction.

Free Resources and Checklists

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